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Electronic W-2s Growing in Popularity; More Employees Elect Online Delivery of W-2s through TALX W-2 eXpress

St. Louis, MO (March 18, 2004) TALX Corporation (NASDAQ: TALX), a leading business process outsourcer of payroll data-centric services, announced today that it is witnessing growth in electronic W-2s among employees and employers. The number of employees receiving electronic W-2s through W-2 eXpressSM more than tripled compared to last year.

W-2 eXpress provides full-service distribution of printed and electronic W-2s. Those employees who consent to receive their original statements electronically in place of a printed statement can access their W-2s online via the Internet. For the 2003 tax year, more than 200,000 employees from over 40 employers elected this on-line alternative using W-2 eXpress.

"Several of our clients had over 25% of their employees consent to electronic W-2s in their first year using the service, while some of our returning clients reached 50% or greater adoption rates," said Dave Fowler, director of product management at TALX. "This trend toward a paperless W-2 process will likely continue as employers realize the substantial savings in printing and postage costs and employees benefit from earlier receipt of their statements and easy access to reprints."

A manager at one of our large insurance clients stated, "I am thrilled that the majority of our active employees consented to electronic W-2s. By promoting the advantages of early access to W-2s and no charge for reprints, we were able to move to an online W-2 process that saved us money and time." This manager received his company's top quality award for the W-2 eXpress implementation and the electronic W-2 process.

Clients provide their W-2 data to W-2 eXpress using a standard file format. TALX loads the data and maintains up to four years of W-2 data on the service, which is consistent with IRS data retention requirements. TALX maintains the highest level of security and ensures complete employee data privacy in W-2 eXpress, as well as all of its other Payroll/HR services.

About W-2 eXpressSM
W-2 eXpressSM offers a wide range of W-2 services, including distribution of both printed and paperless original W-2 statements, W-2 reprints, and facilitating W-2 corrections - all on forms which meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, through alliances with companies such as Intuit, Inc., H&R Block, CCH CompleteTax and employees can securely import W-2 information from W-2 eXpress directly into tax returns. All W-2 eXpress services are available to employees via the Web or telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About TALX Corporation
TALX Corporation is a leading business process outsourcer of payroll data-centric services. TALX holds a leadership position in two key employment-related services -- automated employment and income verification services via The Work Number® services and unemployment cost management services via UC eXpressSM. TALX also provides paperless payroll services, W-2 services and automated time entry services. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, TALX empowers users to complete transactions independently utilizing available multimedia including Web, interactive voice response, speech recognition, fax and e-mail. TALX Corporation common stock trades on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol TALX. For more information about TALX Corporation, call 314-214-7000 or access the company's Web site at

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TALX Corporation
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