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The Work Number® Database Approaches 90 Million Records

St. Louis, MO (April 5, 2004) TALX Corporation (NASDAQ: TALX) announced that it's employment and income verification service, The Work Number®, now provides access to nearly 90 million employment records to lenders, social service agencies, and others needing fast access to those records. A leading business process outsourcer of human resources and payroll services, TALX now manages compensation records, of both current and former employees for over 1,100 employers.

Over two-thirds of all Fortune 500 clients, as well as most federal government employees and local employers such as state governments, school districts, and hospitals have outsourced employment verification to TALX and therefore have their employment records managed by TALX. Recently, L.L.Bean and Avon have joined other corporate leaders such as Home Depot, McDonalds, Ford Motor Company and Verizon Communications to help contribute to the growth as The Work Number approaches 90 million records.

TALX was the first company to automate the employment verification process in the mid-1990s. At that time, the service was entirely telephone-based and verifiers accessed data through interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Today, The Work Number delivers most verification online at

As the number of available employment records has increased steadily, so that has the number of “verifiers” that access the data. TALX has established accounts with over 40,000 entities that regularly us The Work Number to receive verifications. These include about 6,000 social service agencies across all 50 states and over 35,000 commercial verifier accounts including mortgage industry leaders such as Wells Fargo, Countrywide Credit Industries, GMAC Mortgage, Quicken Loans and many others.

About TALX Corporation

TALX Corporation is a leading business process outsourcer of payroll-related and human resource services. TALX holds a leadership position in two key employment-related services -- automated employment and income verification services via The Work Number® services and unemployment cost management services via UC eXpress®. TALX also provides paperless payroll services, W-2 services, automated time entry and approval services and candidate sourcing services. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, TALX empowers users to complete transactions independently utilizing available multimedia including Web, interactive voice response, fax and e-mail. The company's common stock trades on NASDAQ under the symbol TALX. For more information about TALX Corporation, call 314-214-7000 or access the company's Web site at

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