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TALX Expands Alliance With PeopleSoft, Inc. Through Its Ti3 Subsidiary
ST. LOUIS, Jun 6, 2002 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

Alliance Will Add Telephony Access to PeopleSoft's Time and Labor Module Via Ti3's FasTime Automated Time Reporting Solution.

Ti3, a TALX Company (NASDAQ:TALX), and PeopleSoft Inc. (NASDAQ:PSFT) have expanded the TALX alliance to add telephony access to PeopleSoft's Time and Labor Module. Ti3 is developing an interface that will enable employees working in remote locations or without access to the Internet to report their time and expenses from any touch-tone telephone.

With access through both the Web and the telephone, the PeopleSoft Time and Labor Module will become even more attractive to organizations that track the hours of employees in diverse locations. This alliance is designed to create time and cost savings to the respective HR and Payroll departments. By eliminating paper time cards, clients will likely reduce the number of errors from manual keypunch entry and the number of quality control checks to verify the data. The computer will do all the calculations and will speed the process by sending electronic data to the payroll system. The automated process is also designed to reduce paper consumption, as well as paper storage and handling expenses.

"We are very pleased to extend our relationship with TALX to include an alliance with Ti3 and we anticipate a smooth transition integrating our solutions," said Jenny Lehman, vice president of global HCM strategy at PeopleSoft HRMS. "PeopleSoft's Time and Labor Module saves our clients' time and reduces their costs. Adding Ti3's telephony access for automated data entry significantly expands the number of prospective companies that can take full advantage of the benefits of our products."

"This new service offering will extend our PeopleSoft(R) relationship that has been in place for several years," said Bill Canfield, CEO and president of TALX. "Currently, The Work Number(R), our automated employment and income verification service, is part of PeopleSoft Marketplace and we anticipate this new alliance between Ti3 and PeopleSoft Time and Labor Module will benefit both our companies as well as our clients."

Dick Herrmann, president of Ti3, added," This alliance is especially valuable to corporations with a dispersed, mobile workforce. Under the integrated PeopleSoft Ti3 solution, employees will be able to enter time and expenses from any telephone. PeopleSoft is a well-respected leader in the human resources industry, and we are thrilled to be working with them to extend the value of Ti3's FasTime application within the marketplace."

    About Ti3
Ti3, a TALX Company, provides turnkey e-commerce solutions that are accessible via interactive voice response (IVR), Internet, computer telephony integration (CTI) and other technologies. The company's premier solution, FasTime(TM), automates employees' time reporting and can be fully integrated into a company's payroll system. Ti3 processes millions of timesheets every year. All of the company's self-service solutions are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. More information can be found at the company's Web site at www.ti3.com.

    About TALX Corporation
TALX Corporation is a leading outsourced service provider for the Human Resource, Benefits and Payroll markets. TALX holds a leadership position in two key employment-related services - automated employment and income verification services via The Work Number(R) and unemployment cost management services through its acquisition of The Frick Company and the unemployment cost management business of GatesMcDonald. TALX is also a leading provider of automated benefits enrollment services and a provider of automated time entry services. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, TALX empowers users to complete transactions independently utilizing available multimedia including Web, interactive voice response, speech recognition, fax and e-mail. TALX Corporation common stock trades on the NASDAQ Stock Market(R) under the symbol TALX. For more information about TALX Corporation call 314-214-7000 or access the company's Web site at www.talx.com.

Statements in this press release expressing the expectations of management may be forward-looking and involve uncertainties. TALX risk factors are detailed in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    PeopleSoft is a registered trademark of PeopleSoft, Inc.
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