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Illinois Department of Employment Security and TALX UC eXpress Speed Unemployment Claims Processing with Electronic Hearing Notices

ST. LOUIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 16, 2003--TALX Corporation (NASDAQ:TALX), a leading business process outsourcer of human resources and payroll services, today announced that TALX UC eXpress and the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) have enhanced their unemployment claims processing with a secure and efficient method for transmitting hearing notices electronically. This is the first electronic communication of its kind among state unemployment agencies.

Under this new method, IDES sends hearing notices to TALX UC eXpress electronically using a secure file transfer protocol rather than mailing them. The use of this new electronic format ensures timely delivery, reduces processing time, and improves the accuracy of the information received.

Processing of unemployment claims requires significant dialog between state agencies and employers. While most agencies still rely on regular mail for the majority of this communication, IDES and several other state agencies have adopted new advancements in technology in areas from claims filing to tax reporting and now hearings. These initiatives improve the unemployment insurance system by speeding the time to process claims and by reducing the amount of paper that travels through the mail.

"We continually pursue enhancements to the UI claims process that will benefit our clients as well as the state agencies and claimants," said Steve Hoffmann, president of TALX UC eXpress. "Electronic communications enhance not only the speed of the claim information, but also the reliability and accuracy of this information since we no longer need to use data entry or scanning to get the hearing information into our claims processing system, thus saving our clients thousands of dollars."

TALX UC eXpress represents nearly 5,000 active state IDs for 2,500 employers within Illinois, working to lower their unemployment taxes as well as manage the unemployment claims process.

About UC eXpress

UC eXpress offers complete unemployment and cost management services, from unemployment claims processing to unemployment tax rate assessment and tax consulting. Using advanced in-house systems, document imaging and web access, UC eXpress services speed the processing of unemployment claims for its clients. By protesting invalid and improper charges to employers' tax accounts, UC eXpress services save clients' tax dollars. In addition, UC eXpress services feature expert hearing consultations using its in-house staff of hearing consultants and attorneys. Since UC eXpress offers a choice of Employer Tax Services, clients can utilize any or all of the services designed to reduce employment tax costs. UC eXpress professional staff offers short or long-term support for the burdens and complexities facing clients' payroll tax departments. More information is available on the UC eXpress website at www.ucexpress.com

About TALX Corporation

TALX Corporation is a leading business process outsourcer of human resources and payroll services. TALX holds a leadership position in two key employment-related services -- automated employment and income verification services via The Work Number(R) services and unemployment cost management services via UC eXpress(SM). TALX also provides paperless payroll services, W-2 services, and automated time entry and approval services. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, TALX empowers user to complete transactions independently utilizing available multimedia including Web, interactive voice response, speech recognition, fax and e-mail. TALX Corporation common stock trades on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol TALX. For more information about TALX Corporation, call 314-214-7000 or access the company's Web site at www.talx.com

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